Do you want shame-free, straightforward answers about sex and not just reasons why you shouldn't do it until you're married? And why is it such a big deal?

Sexuality is an essential part of who we are; it's everyone's right (and responsibility) to be educated and stay On Top of understanding ourselves better.

Targeted at 13-17 year olds, On Top unwraps the topic of sexuality from a holistic (mind, body, heart and soul) perspective. Gain valuable insight and get the personal skills to negotiate life in a highly sexualised world.

Learn how to:

  • Have a healthy view of sexuality

  • Make decisions based on your values

  • Explore ways to build intimacy

  • Develop quality relationships

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The study (5 sections):

Sex/God: Exploring the broad definition of sexuality and Gods' design for sex.

Mind: Understand the adolescent brain and how the chemicals work in our mind and how to interpret the messages around you.

Body: Addressing body image, gender, sexual response cycle, recognizing gender stereotypes, and so on.

Heart: Understanding the role of emotions, intimacy, desire, and sensuality within sexuality.

Soul: Identifying your own sexual values and how to live them out while honoring God.


The magazine:

The second half of the book is the magazine section that includes a range of articles and interviews on various topics such as dating, masturbation, same-sex attraction, and much more!



  • Healthy perspective of sexuality (in the formative years)

  • Sex positive

  • Learning how to embrace sexuality as normal part of who we are

  • Understanding how and why God is for sex

  • Gender equality

  • Comprehensive approach

  • Not telling people what to do with their sexuality but empowering them to make decisions for themselves that line up with their values

  • Normalize the sex conversation

  • Activities for decision making