Upcoming Project for Engaged Couples

I am working on a new project for people in the engagement season. Many people who write in to me are young adults and have specific questions regarding sex in marriage. Questions related to struggling with guilt, painful sex, contraception advice and so on. Many of us 20-somethings may have missed the beneficial sex-ed we needed (which is why I wrote the study guide for teens), but what if you’re a young adult and need help because you’re about to do the deed? I know many people who went through pre-marriage counselling and felt let down by the way the sex conversation was handled. So... this project is aimed specifically for pre-marriage!

If you’re already married (or ever have been) would you take a moment to fill out this questionnaire?

And if you’re not having sex yet and are interested in this, please subscribe. If you’re already subscribed, please email me and I’ll put you on the list to keep you posted.  

* Wether you never had sex before marriage or you did have sex before marriage (both are common), I need info based from many different perspectives. I really value your time and honesty! This project is designed for engaged couples for married sex (wether they are having sex or not before marriage, married sex is a unique experience that many people have questions about, so I am focusing on that).



What You Wish You Knew Survey