We’re here to talk about sex and how to be a sexually healthy teen or twenty-something & to stay OnTop of your sexuality. Join the conversation via the OnTop Blog and stay tuned for my upcoming book.
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sex positivity: sex is a good thing and everyone has the right to enjoy it.

holistic education: sexuality isn't just about how intercourse works, but understanding sex through biology, psychologically, behaviors, identity, etc.

equality: male and females share the same value and worth.

coming as you are: dialogue in a shame and judgment­free zone.

discipline: true freedom – sticking to our values is what brings a meaningful life.

truth: empowerment through knowledge.

the value of sex: it’s an intimate act between two people.

self­control: it’s important to take responsibility of our decisions.


Cheryl is a California girl turned Sydney wife. She drinks a long black, eats tofu & all things green, does yoga in a sauna (bikram) infrequently, & channels her inner Queen B most days. Affectionately known as "Chez", she is a deep thinker, pleasant conversationalist & an aspiring Sexologist.


Hey guys, 

Glad you found your way here. You might’ve worked it out already, but we’re here to talk about sex. If you’ve made it this far without running away screaming, we’ve made some progress.

But why exactly now, and why here?

I remember the summer before year 9 better than I can remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. Mum and dad stormed into my room during the Friends season 5 finale, ripped out the TV plug, sat on either side of the end of my bed, and cleared their throats. I knew what was coming. They had seen my boyfriend drop me off in his car the night before, and it was time for “THE TALK”.

It’s always an awkward thing for both parties. It’s easy to forget that parents are humans too (no, really. It’s scientifically confirmed).

I wish I’d known then that sex is okay to chat about, be confused about, and want to know more about. Sex is both natural and normal. As normal as  breakfast. Even now, as a 26 ­year­old, my friends’ experiences (both their good and WHAT­-THE-­HELL stories) have me biting my nails in thought... I mean sex­-ed (AND A HUSBAND) ensured I know how those bits all worked ­­ why condoms are a thing, and that babies are expensive. 

But... how does one really know when they’re ready? Surely sex can NOT just be about making babies... right? And if it’s so natural, why does everyone cringe when it comes to discussion? What makes it “good” ... or “bad”? Why does it make some fall more in love, and tear others apart? And why did Beyonce make a whole album about it??? #Surfboard 

I've devoted my life to understanding sex, working alongside experts across the field (and I don’t mean your parents), and I’m ready to share what I’ve found out with you, so we can have happy healthy sex lives! 

Whoo hoo!